Directors Message

“Long Island is something special to me. It’s an outlet where we can output our style and creativity. At LICC we strive to be the first fashion mansion from Sri Lanka. We hope everyone is watching and taking notes”

Mr. Parthiva Hirdaramani

CEO's Message

“I believe in continuous improvement and building up our brand with new and innovative ideas. This will be impossible without our talented staff who are like fuel to the whole process. We work as a team on bringing new ideas to the shelves while being good to nature. I am privileged to lead this company towards great heights yet unknown”

Mr. Irusha Gunasekara

Who we are

With a heritage and experience of 100+ years in the retail apparel industry, Long Island Clothing Company Private Limited also known as LiCC was launched in 2008 to capitalise on the growing demand for lifestyle apparel. With the changing demands of the challenging market the brand needed a boost and hence was re-launched with a new outlook in 2011 focusing more on the mid and upper market segments aiming to become a brand that offers great value for the money.

Since then LiCC has become a popular, sought-after brand among the majority of Sri Lanka’s jean customers. Fit, style, process, and quality are part of the Hirdaramani DNA, this makes our products meet exceptionally high quality. Our products are designed and crafted to meet international standards and enhanced with intricate detailing, progressive washes, and perfect fit for both Men and Women.

“ Change is the heartbeat of growth~Scottie Somers”. As a business with continuous changing demand, LiCC has opted for a full revamping of the range of products and the website which will help the customers get a better and interesting shopping experience. The idea of the rebranding is to meet and match the demands that change with the changing lifestyle.. LiCC has a variety of products from a range of premium quality jeans and T-shirts with the latest designs to tie and dye ranges. As the authorised manufacturer for Marvel and Disney, LiCC has a huge range of fun, exciting and comfortable ranges of clothing for Disney and Marvel fans out there. And not to miss out the exclusive range of cricket jerseys and replica T-shirts for all Srilankan Cricket fans as LiCC is the Official Casual Wear Sponsor for Sri Lanka Cricket.

LiCC strives to become a global apparel brand expanding its horizons with the passion to be a brand that builds collections that promote a positive and vibrant lifestyle.

What we believe!

We believe you have the freedom to express yourself. To be you without any judgement. To explore and grab life with its own adventures. We at LiCC want to make sure that everyone has a chance to get a boost of confidence and to enjoy the ultimate fit and to reach for the stars.

We are not above nature, we are a piece of nature!

How do we do business

We always try and act responsibly in doing our operations, always doing the right things in terms of the places we live or places we work at. We bring in our innovative ideas, new inventions of designs to be in line with the best practices that will benefit the planet, our industry and everyone around it.

People matter, as much as we care about the planet, the operations, the process, we care about our employees just the same. We are who we are because of each and every staff member who does their best to bring LiCC to a better place. All staff are trained and willing to adhere to our sustainable theme.

As a part of the Hirdaramani Group we believe in “Putting The Future First” .
Future first is about continuous commitment in reducing environmental impact, improving opportunities for people and communities and building trust in the workplace.

In simple words this is our constant promise to do the right thing for a better sustainable future.


An initiative taken by LiCC to help the unemployed and under privileged women of rural areas where they were provided with leftover fabrics that were at the factories to be put into use. They were also provided with access to our factories in which they could sew the products. Bags, pouches, aprons, pencil cases are among a few items that were manufactured during this project. These end products were then purchased by LiCC at a fair price helping them to earn a living during the hard times.